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What Is Income Shifting and How to Shift your Income

What Is Income Shifting and How to Shift your Income…

Listen, if you want to gain momentum in your financial life, first you have to understand why you are in the rut you are in. America is the wealthiest country in the world, yet most are living check to check. Once you learn about the Big 4 and how they kill your ability to gain wealth you can overcome them and accelerate your way to financial success.

What is income shifting? It’s a process that enables you to build wealth with the money you already have. It’s called income shifting because it literally shifts your income from the highest tax bracket as an employee to business income which is taxed lower, then finally to investment income which is taxed lowest or not even at all. It also shifts your cashflow from negative to positive and shifts your money from the banks and big business back into your pocket!

How to shift your income? It can be hard to go from paychecks to assets, especially with out the strategies, system, software and support to make it happen but you can do it easily if you know the secret to income shifting. First check out our presentation and then you can get started here:

What Is Income Shifting and How to Shift your Income:


MyEcon means “My Economy” and we teach the Income Shifting strategy to help members attain Personal Financial Success! Go from Paychecks to Assets! Click here to join us:


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