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Studying in Miami


While studying in Miami with the top recruiter in the company, I learned a lot about my own story, why I go so hard for my family and my team. Some things from my past I’ve been hiding from myself and were the very things I needed to remind myself of so I could take my success to a new level.

You see, some make excuses instead of making ways. Some see mistakes where others see opportunity. Some see loses where others see lessons. Now, I see the light even in my darkest hours. I know I have people depending on my vision to make it happen. Now, it’s all coming 2nd Nature… like riding a bike… I’m gonna keep pedaling until I reach the point where I can kick my feet up and coast a lil… enjoying the view, enjoying the freedom, enjoying a life worth living…

If I’m wrong the worst that will happen is I would have made it 99% closer than my former self. Worst thing is I would have inspired hundreds if not thousands of others to break the mold and expect greatness from themselves. Only the beginning…

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