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Novae Merger – Now powered by myEcon!

Have you heard about the Novae merger with myEcon?? On Sept 28th, 2016 Novae released this teaser of the merger on their Facebook page:

It features the executive staff of Novae, Reco McDaniel, Justin Owens, Carlton Calhoun and Brian Beane in a meeting with Ivey Stokes, Founder of myEcon. At the end, Brian remarks that it’s time for him to come out of retirement!  You know there’s money on the table with this merger when a multi-millionaire and top-earner gets back in the game after training for a few years. The merger was also featured in a press release on CNBC you can view the article here.

What does the Novae merger with myEcon mean for its reps and people looking to build a business from home? Well Novae is bringing it’s younger demographic as well as it’s most sought after products over to myEcon’s compensation plan and platform.  This includes the Sprayology line, Novae Perks, Novae Money, Novae Travel, Roadside Companion and Novae Connect App.  myEcon will still offer their legal club, tax prep & advice services, ID-theft protection, Cashflow strategist to help you manage your future financial goals and they also have their own tax-bot like app for managing deductions and income (Novae’s Tax app will not be coming over).  To add to that, myEcon has as line up of all-natural weight-loss tea, gourmet coffee and multi vitamins that go hand in hand with the natural health initiatives at Novae.

These 2 multi-million dollar companies further cement themselves as a foundation for future legacies with this merger and I am ready to start having $1,000 weeks by showing people how to get a raise on their jobs without having to get a promotion or having to recruit others to the biz. Education is the key!

The compensation plan upgrade is going to be key for the current Novae reps as it provides more cash flow with lower qualifications when compared to their previous compensation plan.

Learn more about increasing your cashflow with this new merger:

novae merger


novae merger with myecon

Thanks for reading about the Novae merger with myEcon!

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