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Me? Ever On Wall Street?

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I used to want to work on Wall Street, even concentrated in Finance…
I wanted to learn all there was to know about money
so I could make tons of it and make my parents proud…
and of course live an abundant lifestyle…
luxury home, cars, boats, a legacy you know… “the good life”.
But I still never learned financial strategy, 
only how to fill a position at a desk.
I never learned things like income shifting and how to build assets.
Especially assets that appreciate faster than inflation…
faster than any interest on debts.
Without such knowledge, mathematically I’d never build wealth,
no matter how much I made… let me explain…
If your savings account is earning a max of 1%.
minus inflation at 1.7% (Dec. 2016)
you are actually cashflow negative by default.
If you have credit cards, a mortgage or vehicle loan,
you’ll need a few investments earning a rate higher than your
loans to even be able to start building your net worth until
they are all paid off.
The worst part is, the APY charged on these loans isn’t
simple interest as you might believe.
APY basically allows the loan to charge you interest on interest…
a compounding effect… so if your investments don’t
compound to balance this…
you see where I’m going with that.
And I was here wondering why I couldn’t get ahead.
You can worry about all that
or just focus on building assets.
Preferably ones with residual income.
One of my business mentors in this financial education company
is seeing a 12,000+ percent increase in her initial investment
over the past 3 months… (income disclaimer, results not typical)
Crazy right??
But the exciting part…
I was shown the same plan and it’s now working for me… even in my sleep…
even as you read this…
even if you forget about my blog and never hear from me again…
Leveraged, long-term, residual income is possible for us as all.
Success leave clues but only those looking will see them. Who’s looking?

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