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Everyone Can’t Be an Entrepreneur…

From one of my mentors, Haziq Ali:
I love when I hear people say: “But everyone can’t be an entrepreneur” Stop repeating what other people say …and THINK for YOURSELF!

2 things make them say that:

1️) People don’t really know what an entrepreneur is.
An entrepreneur is one who pursues opportunity regardless of the resources currently controlled- i.e. all entrepreneurs don’t own businesses & all business owners are NOT entrepreneurs. Which is why most go OUT of business- but that’s another post…

2️) Most don’t understand the “connection economy” (which simply means most the huge barriers to entry have been leveled).
Here’s a small example. Uber has been around 7 years and has a market valuation of $74billion‼️ Ford has been around over a CENTURY and it’s worth just $60billion. Uber doesn’t even own cars. Or factories. And until recently you’d never even seen an uber COMMERCIAL
What Uber DOES have though, is an idea they were able to execute by leveraging the fact that people are more connected than ever before. In other words, they didn’t need a fraction of what a company in the past needed and yet they’re still able to generate exponentially higher profits. This means you are in the right place at the right time IF you decide to be the right person. Take 100% responsibility for your future. Take problems and make them opportunities. And take chances (because no one “gives” thechange-everythingsmm.) We are who we’ve been waiting for.

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