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The Most Important Words in Money – Robert Kiyosaki

Multi-millionaire and best selling author, Robert Kiyosaki, shares the most important words in money. This message perfectly aligns with other concepts of wealth that I share in this blog so it’s only right I post it here. And also give it the #assetclass branding that you are starting to see on the site.  You might me […]

Pyramids n Things…

This illustration from the 1900’s went “viral” on my facebook, so I wanted to break down my thoughts on this whole pyramid thing. It’s crazy when people ask me what I do and I tell them I help people become entrepreneurs and work from home then I hear: “Is that one of those pyramid things??” […]

Everyone Can’t Be an Entrepreneur…

From one of my mentors, Haziq Ali: I love when I hear people say: “But everyone can’t be an entrepreneur” Stop repeating what other people say …and THINK for YOURSELF! 2 things make them say that: 1️) People don’t really know what an entrepreneur is. An entrepreneur is one who pursues opportunity regardless of the […]

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