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The Most Important Words in Money – Robert Kiyosaki

Multi-millionaire and best selling author, Robert Kiyosaki, shares the most important words in money. This message perfectly aligns with other concepts of wealth that I share in this blog so it’s only right I post it here. And also give it the #assetclass branding that you are starting to see on the site.  You might me […]

Pyramids n Things…

This illustration from the 1900’s went “viral” on my facebook, so I wanted to break down my thoughts on this whole pyramid thing. It’s crazy when people ask me what I do and I tell them I help people become entrepreneurs and work from home then I hear: “Is that one of those pyramid things??” […]

Everyone Can’t Be an Entrepreneur…

From one of my mentors, Haziq Ali: I love when I hear people say: “But everyone can’t be an entrepreneur” Stop repeating what other people say …and THINK for YOURSELF! 2 things make them say that: 1️) People don’t really know what an entrepreneur is. An entrepreneur is one who pursues opportunity regardless of the […]

Prince EA – I Just Sued the Education System

Prince Ea does it again! I agree 100% with every line, one of the most talented poets I follow.  Our school system is failing our youth because, as Ea points out, it is severely outdated! We need to revamp, redesign and restore the education system or our future or plan for failure. “Teachers have the most […]

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