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Pyramids n Things…

This illustration from the 1900’s went “viral” on my facebook, so I wanted to break down my thoughts on this whole pyramid thing.  It’s crazy when people ask me what I do and I tell them I help people become entrepreneurs and work from home then I hear: “Is that one of those pyramid things??” […]

Why Everyone Needs A Business

Working 40 hours a week for 40 years to retire off of 40% of your income is an outdated idea of the industrial age. There is no longer a thing such as “job security.” That phrase is an oxymoron. If you plan to succeed in America, you will need to own your own business! Oftentimes, […]

Novae Merger – Now powered by myEcon!

Have you heard about the Novae merger with myEcon?? On Sept 28th, 2016 Novae released this teaser of the merger on their Facebook page: It features the executive staff of Novae, Reco McDaniel, Justin Owens, Carlton Calhoun and Brian Beane in a meeting with Ivey Stokes, Founder of myEcon. At the end, Brian remarks that it’s time […]

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