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30 for 30 Challenge 9: Earn from Investments, create Wealth! 😎📈

In order to change your life financially, you must first, SHIFT YOUR INCOME, second you must ACCELERATE YOUR INCOME, in order to lastly, INVEST YOUR INCOME. Most people think investments are complicated and don’t understand them. After you watch our video, please text “CAPITAL” to 813-693-2664 for the next steps! #30for30 #30familiesfor30days #financialfreedomchallenge Follow along […]

30 for 30 Challenge 8: Why you Need a Home Based Business – 1099 Income! 🏢 ➡️ 🏠

Even though most Americans have a job and may be comfortable with their employee income (W2 income), this video will explain why not having business income (1099 income) is holding them back from securing their financial future. Almost 100% of people that have home based businesses started while they had a job. Quick Recap of […]

30 for 30 Challenge 7: You don’t have an Income problem, you have a CASHFLOW problem! 👉 💸

Many people believe they have issues in their financial life because they don’t earn enough income. In this video, Reco McDaniel shares why their income is not the problem, he explains why their problem lies in their cash flow. You will discover how your income is measured in dollars and your cash flow is measured […]

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