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What Jesse Williams’ Inspiring BET Speech was Missing…

My favorite part about Jesse’s speech was, “Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we’re not real…” But as I watch this inspiring speech, all I can think about is… what now? How do we fix the problems presented? “We want it now” so how do we get it? This is the perfect time to put this idea […]

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     Welcome! My name is Jerry Goins and it’s my goal to help people find financial independence and time freedom with the power of entrepreneurship.  Novae Life is the company I partnered with to help me with this exact goal. If you want to get ahead in life and be a part of one of the largest shifts of wealth, pay close attention and don’t miss this…

Jerry Goins Novae LifeLearn from your mistakes, and FAST!

     Before, I was a Finance grad hoping to strike it rich in the insurance industry while also raising a family that depended on me to make it happen. After being down sized and let go from the same company that I had generated over $7k in one month from, I felt like my world shattered.  My credit barely qualified for our tiny 2 bed room apartment and I felt irresponsible like I was letting everyone down. I know somebody out there can relate, especially if you have children.

     Even though I did everything I was taught to do in school, the job world had failed me numerous times and this was the last time I’d let it happen to me without having another income stream on the side.

Dmitri and I at the VIP EventOrlando was a blast! #IceBar

     Since finding Novae, I have been able to improve my finances and credit in a MAJOR way. As a team, we’ve traveled to 8 cities our first year, met some millionaires and people with similar life goals. My whole perspective on business and life in general has shifted higher and I’ve gained so much more than money from this program.

IMG_20160220_222242Dinner with the team in Maryland.

     Thanks to this program, I’m blessed and fortunate to have been able to qualify for my first home mortgage in 2016 and now earn enough monthly residual income in this biz to completely pay our mortgage payments! Imagine paying reoccurring bills with reoccurring income! It’s truly a great feeling and I have helped so many others get there too, which is a different feeling all together!


     Our organization is still growing and I’ve earned THOUSANDS in monthly and weekly bonuses just by following the system. Will your success story be next? How many lives will you affect? How many life goals will you be achieving over the next few years? Are you ready for a new change?

Novae Life Corporate Staff     The Founder of Novae, the Vice President of Sales, and Chief of Marketing came to our city as part of their 10-city tour  and were incredible guests! The local team got to meet the CEO and get one on one access to one of the best trainers in the country! You can tell that he is a very genuine person and wants to help people grow.  Let’s make History!

Novae Life Champion Speakers Bootcamp Jerry GoinsSpeaking at Champion Speaker Bootcamp 2015 in Miami… my group actually WON!

Dinner with Novae Life CEODinner with our the CEO, his wife and some of the team in Atlanta, GA!

“Education is the Key to Life Change!”

-Reco McDaniel, network marketing millionaire and CEO of Novae

Novae PaysNovae pays every Friday and every 15th depending on your work and also your team’s effort!

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“Vision is what you see with your eyes closed, mind open.”

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